Chances are: probably not. 

In this article we have a look at some of common internet problems...

  • Internet Service providers (including Telstra, Optus, Dodo, TPG & many other major telcos) buy their "recommended modem / router" in bulk by the thousands and they push their product to keep cost/s down, systematise product training and installation cost/s, as well as on-going product support. We get it. It makes sense. They do their research based on the best performance over a thousand units and the decision is no doubt based around budget also. It may be a fantastic product for the company, but it may not be so fantastic for you getting the best internet you possibly can. 
  • Installing your own modem (a different modem to the one provided by your service provider opens the door for your service provider to charge you a call out fee - if you need one. Often your internet problems are not the product you installed and it is a separate issue; however this gives them the ability (sometimes under contract) to charge you, so watch out!
  • Using a company with no brand affiliation to provide you with equipment and service/s that allow them to adapt with the ever-improving technology is a far better option - because you are not 'locked-in'. Many consumers are unaware that their are better options available out there!
  • Modems sent out by service providers designed to be 'plug and play' are often a culprit for tolerating internet woes. As an example, Telstra are sending out their new modem to NBN subscribers - the Telstra Gateway Frontier with 4G back Up. This modem/router connects to the internet in most NBN locations and has a back up 4G mobile network if the NBN and cable network on the street goes down. Customers un-box their new modem (sent out to them in the mail); plug into the power socket and 'hey-presto' the internet is on. What the customer may / may not be aware of is that the internet has automatically connected to the 4G network and they are not receiving internet through NBN. These type of situations required an internet technician to rectify the root of the problem. The number of times this happens is significant!

What you can do about it?

Our internet technicians come to your home and consult your internet. Having worked on both sides of the fence (for NBN and providing in-home services) we understand just how many internet problems you can experience! Call us today for a free internet consultation. We will come out and do an assessment of your current internet performance over a 10 minute window and then then provide recommend products/services to make your internet as fast and reliable as it possible can be. The before & after results for some clients can be staggering! For others, not so staggering, however we seldom come across a home or business that has the best gear and cabling and the internet cannot be improved. That's why we have a business! We commit to a free on-site consult because we are confident we can improve your overall internet performance. 


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