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Internet Magic comes to you. We perform an initial internet consultation to assess the current situation of your internet. Using professional testing equipment we then look at the myriad of factors including; structure of your building, modem location, wifi strength, number of devices and existing cabling. We assess a % that we can make your internet better and wifi better as well as a liklihood of making your internet faster. 

What does making your internet better mean? 

Ever suffered from wifi drop out? As you move your laptop around the house? 

Ever suffered internet slowing down at various times of the day? Or not working at all?

Ever suffered internet drop out / slow down as the weather changes?

There are countless reasons why your internet may not be performing as well as it can. Chances are you probably don't know that it could be any better. However, it's time to stop tolerating it! Call us today for an internet consultation to come improve your internet speed and reliability. 

0473 653 333


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