Modem Relocation 

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Is your modem in the wrong spot? We can help!

A lot of people have their modem in the wrong spot (to where they'd prefer)! Is your modem in the kitchen? The bathroom? The bedroom? We get it. We understand. That's probably not where you want it! That's why we provide this service. 

Internet Magic are internet professionals - making your internet better & faster! 

Why does this happen? - Modem in the wrong location

Telstra, Foxtel, Optus technicians (whoever installed) your modem or internet / data points only get paid to 'do the job' and therefore install it where it is convenient for them and (not so convenient for you). 

Not only are you potentially putting up with cables but your internet is most likely suffering as a result also. Call Internet Magic to get your modem relocated and make your internet better and faster! 

Whether you just want your modem moved as a matter of convenience or it's because you also have suffering internet or wifi drop out - we can help. 



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