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Where do you need your phone installed? Or moved to? Do you just need a simple repair? Either way Internet Magic are your local Brisbane and Gold Coast professionals. We install phone points - as many as you want - any where you want. Where there is a wall, there is a way! Where others may just install the phone point where it is convenient for them we will install it where it is convenient for you (or where you would like it to be situated most). Many NBN contractors and Electricians are under time constraints to get to the next job. At Internet Magic however we have the ability to give you exactly what you want:- that phone point exactly where you need it or want it. 

Having your phone point in the right location can mean better, faster internet!

If you are using your phone jack for your modem / router - the positioning of the plug on the wall contributes to the overall performance of your internet in a major way! Wifi travelling through walls, bouncing off walls, or effected by temperature all has an impact on how fast your page loads, how fast the you tube video buffers and or how fast your computer /laptop receives information over the internet. Many internet frustrations are caused by poof wifi. Many Wifi problems are caused by poor choice of phone point locality. Call Internet Magic today to get your Internet Consultation. 

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