Pre Home Internet Inspections

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Have you just bought a home? Thinking of buying? Now is the time to think about all ways to save yourself $1000's. The foundations of internet can effect the internet performance in your new home the same way as a termite rotted out foundation can destroy the physical foundations of your new home. Getting you pre-home internet inspection report is a great way to achieve peace of mind or arm yourself with additional bargaining power. Many homes across the Gold Coast and Brisbane have huge internet problems when it comes to NBN connectivity and long waiting times. As you are probably aware, having internet is the new electricity! Without it, you can't function! Kids can't do their home work; you can't entertain yourself, some of your appliances won't work; if you run a business - forget that! You resort to your mobile phone and rack up a huge bill for weeks or months on end. Pre-home internet inspections are as crucial as getting the plumbing checked out! Call us today to have a chat. 


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